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April 2018


​Spring Agility classes begin Sunday April 8 and end Sunday May 13.
There will be 2 classes at 7pm and 1 at 8.
The 7pm classes will feature Beginner for those dogs who have no agility experience.  Dogs must be 1 year old and have some recall and the handler must be able to control the dog.
Intermediate will be at 7 also and these dogs must have had previous MLOTC agility class or consent of the instructor.
8pm will be Advanced Handling for Competition.  This class is for dogs who are competing at level 3 or higher in CPE or currently competing in Novice AKC.  This class is a handling class and the focus is more on the handler than the dog.  However independent obstacle focus by the dog is expected.

6 teams will be the limit for each of the 3 classes.

Cost is $60.
For more information contact Kris Larsen at or by calling 231-725-5406

Classes will be taught by Kris Larsen and Dr. Amy Cunningham DVM

Classes meet in either a local horse arena in the spring and fall and outside in a fenced in area in the summer. Dogs must have had a basic level of obedience training and be at least one year old. Owner must be able to retain control of the dog at all times. 

Agility is the sport of running the dog through a prescribed course of obstacles. Agility classes are offered four times a year, in the Spring, two Summer classes, and in the Fall. Pre-Registration and vaccinations are required for all classes. Please complete and submit the request for registration form (on our registration page) as soon as possible because class space is limited. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email