Class Descriptions

​S.T.A.R. Puppy Class

                This class is for puppies up to one year of age.  The class will introduce puppies to walk on a leash, sit, down and beginning stays.  Socializing with other puppies will be included as well as some things for handlers to do to earn the S.T.A.R. puppy award.  This award may be sent in to AKC (along with a small fee) to receive a certificate and medal upon completion.  Puppies must have had at least two of the Distemper/Parvo vaccinations before coming to class and continue the shot protocol until the final vaccination.  Rabies is required once the puppy is old enough and Bordetella is recommended but not required.

Beginner Class

                This class is for dogs that have had no previous training, or need continued beginning practice.  It will cover most novice obedience skills including heeling, sits, down, recalls and stays.  A dog may well not have accomplished this in one 6 or 7 week session and is welcome to repeat if desired.  Most puppies advance to this class after S.T.A.R. puppy class.  Proof of vaccinations is required.

Beginner 2/CGC Class

                This class follows the Beginner class and will continue the basics of the novice obedience skills.  In addition, all of the Canine Good Citizen test components will be taught and the CGC Test will be given the final night of class.  This will be evaluated by a CGC evaluator and upon passing, a certificate (and a small fee) submitted to AKC will earn the CGC Title.  To be successful in this class, the dog should have a pretty solid stay and be walking on a loose leash.  Proof of vaccinations is required.

Novice & Beyond

                This class is for people/dogs that are training to trial in AKC or UKC obedience trials.  It will work on perfecting the novice skills, introduce open and utility exercises and offer the opportunity to practice these exercises.  Dogs need to know the novice skills – they will be working to proof and polish them.  Proof of vaccinations is required.

Rally Obedience

                Rally is a class for dogs with novice skills following a Beginner or Beginner 2/CGC class.  It is comprised of signs depicting different combinations of skills laid out on a course.  Examples may be “Halt, Sit”; “Halt, Walk Around Your Dog”; “Right Turn”; etc.  You will be introduced to several new signs each class and have practice moving through the course.  Proof of vaccinations is required.


                Agility is the sport of running a course with a number of obstacles for the dog to successfully perform.  Dogs are taught some “foundation skills” necessary to have before actually attempting the obstacles.  Obstacles are taught and once the dogs are able to correctly do the obstacles, they are given the opportunity to run a course. Handlers are taught how to successfully help their dog negotiate the course in a positive fun manner. Agility is taught both outside in a fenced area, or in a local horse arena.  Dogs can begin foundation work as a puppy, but jumping obstacles should not be done until their growth plates have formed, around one year of age.  Proof of vaccinations is required. It is recommended that your dog have successfully completed our beginner class.

Nose work

                Nose work is a newer sport which takes advantage of a dog’s natural ability to use his nose.  He will be taught to find several different “scents” when placed in a row of boxes.  Once he masters this, the scents will be hidden in different places within a specific area.  The dog needs to “alert” his handler when he has found the desired scent.  This class is not taught on a regular basis but from time to time, may be offered to the public.  Proof of vaccinations is required.​

Spring 2022

*****NEW Location****New Classes*****

Free Methodist Church
2620 S. Ravenna Rd
Ravenna MI 49451

MLOTC has added two new beginning classes to the schedule.  We will be hosting the classes at a new location that offers more room and availability in order to support a safe and fun environment!  If interested, please complete the registration form and return to Christine Harshbarger at but hurry because the open spots are filling up fast!!

​Beginning Scentwork​​ - Every Monday Evening @ 6:00pm beginning April 04, 2022 

​Beginning Rally Obedience​ - Every Tuesday Evening @ 6:00pm beginning April 05, 2022

Puppy Obedience Classes begin Monday 4/25 and Wednesday 4/27 and run 6 weeks for $70.

6pm - Beginning I Obedience
7pm - Beginning Puppy (Puppies Up to 5 mo old)


6pm - Puppy STAR Class (Puppies 6mo to 9mo old)

7pm - Novice and Beyond (MLOTC Members only)

Members MUST register for classes (No Drop-ins)

Contact Christine Harshbarger for information or click the button for registration form​ above

Obedience Class Policy

  1. ​Club members and public will be required to register for classes they wish to attend.
  2. Participants will normally be limited to one dog per night per class. Dogs may alternate on different nights within a class session.

Spring Puppy  Classes are held at:
Dr. Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran Church
1860 East Hile Road
Muskegon, MI 49444


Apr 12- Member Meeting  (7:00 pm - St. Michaels, Board meeting at 6:30pm)
May 10 - Member Meeting  (7:00 pm - St. Michaels School)

Don't complain...train!


April and May